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Many Kline & Specter cases have resulted not only in large monetary resolutions but also in changes that benefited thousands if not millions of citizens. (See examples)

The following are some of the larger publicly disclosed settlements and verdicts obtained by Kline & Specter attorneys. The list does not account for innumerable major settlements which are confidential nor for scores of other Kline & Specter seven-figure settlements and verdicts.

$5M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Negligent birth delivery and resuscitation causes neurologic injuries, death.

$5M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Failure to timely deliver baby in fetal distress causes neurological injuries.

$5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Missed breast cancer diagnosis delays treatment more than two years.

$5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement for a woman in a case involving a medication error that resulted in eventual strokes.

$5M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Delayed diagnosis of benign brain tumor results in neurological injuries.


Kline & Specter, PC works on a contingent fee basis which means we only get paid if and when you are financially compensated. Kline & Specter is paid a percentage of the amount recovered. Any costs incurred by Kline & Specter will only be charged if the client is financially compensated.

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