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Daisy Manufacturing Co. has recalled 104,500 slingshots because the slingshot band can slip out of its frame and cause the ball to strike a user in the face, potentially causing serious injury.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said Daisy had received at least three reports of injuries, including a 12-year-old boy who was blinded in one eye. A 16-year-old boy suffered and injury that result in decreased vision, while a third child sustained three broken teeth.

The recalled product is Daisy’s “The Natural” slingshot, specifically Models ERG-100 and ERG-300. Both models have bright green tubing and black plastic handles. Both models bear the words “Powerline Daisy Manufacturing. Rogers, AR.”

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Daisy, based in Rogers , Ark. , said the slingshots were sold in sporting good and discount department stores from June 2004 through March 2006, with the smaller ERG-100 sold for about $9 and the larger ERG-300 model sold for about $17.

The recall was announced May 4, 2006 by the CPSC in cooperation with Daisy. The commission urged owners of the slingshots, made in Taiwan, to immediately stop using them and contact Daisy, which was offering refunds or replacements with another, comparable model.

Daisy has had problems with other products in the past.

In 2001, Kline & Specter, PC, reached a major settlement with Daisy on behalf of John “Tucker” Mahoney, a Bucks County teenager left brain damaged after he was shot with a Daisy Power Line BB gun. Mahoney died several years later.

In that lawsuit, Shanin Specter claimed that the powerful air rifle was defective in that it could appear to be empty to shooters while the gun – which could fire BBs at the velocity of a .38-caliber police special – still contained BBs. (Read about the Mahoney v. Daisy case.)

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Specter appeared on the ABC-TV program 20/20 to warn the public about the gun. "They are lethal toys – two words that don't go together," Specter told The Philadelphia Inquirer at the time of the settlement.

Specter also pressed his case with the CPSC, which later filed suit seeking a recall of 7.4 million of the guns. Years later, the CPSC, with a new chairman appointed by President Bush, dropped the suit and negotiated a settlement with Daisy.

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