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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz behind bars and facing charges in the Bucks County killings, attention is now turning to the actions of those around them and their possible legalexposure.

The investigation radiating out from the Bucks County quadruple homicide is now quiet, but behind the scenes, detectives are busy.

Legal experts say some of their work is to pinpoint potential gaps that allowed suspect Cosmo DiNardo access to a firearm and also the privacy of his parents’ farm to allegedly commit these acts.

“Here, we clearly have a known danger,” said attorney Tom Kline.

Kline said after DiNardo confessed to using his mother’s gun to shoot Jimi Patrick, Dean Finocchiaro, Tom Meo and Mark Sturgis, the question of recklessness enters the picture.

“He clearly and obviously was mentally unstable, yet they let him have unguarded access to the gun, unguarded access to the property,” said Kline.

Friends say some of DiNardo’s recent posts on social media became threatening, disturbing and violent.

Some who know him have written about an ATV crash a few years ago that changed his demeanor following a serious head injury.

An attorney for the DiNardo family did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

“They gave him a clear, unfettered control of his property where he was literally without their knowledge, apparently, burying bodies,” said Kline. “These are things that clearly a prosecutor or civil attorney would ask in terms of what did they know, when did they know it, what could they have done to have prevented this.”

The four victims’ bodies were found on DiNardo family property in Solebury Township last week.