A cancer-causing gas emitted from the B Braun plant in Hanover Township, Pa., is believed to have seriously sickened at least 16 people – three of them fatally – who have lived, worked, and spent significant time near the plant.

Ethylene oxide, or EtO, a chemical used to sterilize medical equipment, has been deemed a human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EtO has been linked to breast cancer, leukemia and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, among other cancers.

Kline & Specter has filed lawsuits on behalf of 16 victims believed sickened by EtO emissions from the B. Braun plant. If you feel that you or a loved one contracted cancer as a result of ethylene oxide emissions from the Hanover Township plant, you may also have grounds for a lawsuit.

Our firm has won numerous verdicts and settlements in cancer lawsuits and more than $10 billion overall in personal injury cases. The law firm has more than 40 attorneys, five of whom are also medical doctors – the most in the nation — giving us the experience and expertise to quickly assess and then litigate cancer cases.

EPA data has shown that the cancer risk from EtO, a colorless gas, was substantially higher than average in one Hanover Township neighborhood. 

Among plaintiffs represented by Kline & Specter are three who have died due to cancer, seven who contracted breast cancer, two with brain cancer, two with types of blood cancer and one with a form of urogynecologic cancer. The lawsuits seek punitive as well as compensatory damages against B. Braun.

In addition to filing the lawsuits, Kline & Specter also filed a complaint with the EPA and requested that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection investigate the matter and order remediation. 

According to news reports, B Braun, based in Germany, has at times been the nation’s 12th largest polluter of ethylene oxide and the largest in Pennsylvania, putting 41,000 people who live near the plant at a greater risk of contracting cancer.


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