Posted: February 19, 2015

Among the latest product recalls announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are the following:

  •  Kidde - (4,060,000) Disposable plastic fire extinguishers due to failure to discharge.
  •  SRAM- (12,000) Zipp 88 bicycle wheel hubs due to crash and injury hazard.

  • Jacko Transnational - (5,000) ZETA battery packs due to fire hazard.
  • KTM North America - (3,321) KTM and Husqvarna Enduro motorcycles due to crash hazard.

  • System Sensor - (1,450) Combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors over carbon monoxide hazard.
  • SCOTT - (1,450) Vanish bicycle helmets due to head injury hazard.

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